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2023 Member Survey – What We Heard

By August 11, 2023No Comments

In spring 2023 IAP2 BC Yukon Chapter members were invited to complete a short membership survey. The information provided will help inform how we build our strategic plan for the coming year, support opportunities to improve and grow your practice, and ensure we are providing the benefits you are looking for from your membership.

While the survey was sent to approximately 300 members, the prize draw promotion drew bot submissions that exceeded our Survey Monkey account capabilities. We learned some lessons that will help inform how we handle future membership surveys and did our best to clean the data we have access to. While the survey data should not be considered fully accurate, it still does shed some light onto our current Chapter make-up.

Highlights include:

  • About half our members have been an IAP2 member for less than five years, and the other half have been members for longer.
  • The two most common ways people heard about the IAP2 BC Yukon Chapter was through education and training, or from being an IAP2 member elsewhere.
  • Training and education are the biggest reasons respondents chose to join IAP2.
  • The vast majority have attended a Chapter event before.
  • Respondents are mostly interested in networking events and workshops.
  • There was an even division for preference for in person, online and a mix of types of events.
  • The top benefits of membership are networking with other practitioners and learning opportunities.
Read the full survey results here