Virtual Event: Decolonizing Engagement with Indigenuity

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A deeper dive into how to apply an equity, diversity, inclusion and Indigenous lens to engagement work at all levels.

About this event

The Board is excited to let you know about our second learning session with Indigenuity Consulting Group, which will take place on November 9 from 1:00-4:00 pm. This virtual session follows on the first learning session we had with Indigenuity in early June and will be a deeper dive into the important topic of how to apply an equity, diversity, inclusion and Indigenous lens to our work as engagement practitioners, and how this can be integrated into our engagement work at all levels.

This is a unique opportunity to deepen your learning and hear from two highly experienced facilitators and engagement practitioners – Janis Brooks and Brock Endean – who will share some of their best practices and lessons learned from working with a wide range of governments and organizations on Indigenous engagement projects in BC and beyond. This highly-participatory session will include opportunities for deeper dialogue and reflection, and considering how our individual backgrounds and experiences shape how we approach our work – in both conscious and unconscious ways.

This session is only open to IAP2 members and will be limited to a maximum 20 participants. This is a paid training opportunity, with registration at $150 per person.

Please note that given the sensitive and personal subject matter, this session will not be recorded.

About Indigenuity Consulting Group Inc.: Since 2000, Indigenuity has established a reputation as a leader in building meaningful relationships with Indigenous people by facilitating critical dialogue and decision-making processes between parties. We help our clients reach success through strategic approaches and creative solutions.

Indigenuity works with Indigenous, Federal, Provincial, and Municipal governments, Indigenous communities and organizations, business and industry. Our projects cover a wide variety of topics such as climate change and adaptation, employment and training, organizational development, housing, wildlife and resource management, culture and arts, inclusion and diversity, consultation, communications and negotiation of benefit and relationship agreements for major projects.

To register for this virtual event, you must be an IAP2BC Member and you will be asked for your membership number when registering.

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