Welcome 2021!  The BC and Yukon Chapter Board wishes all its members a very healthy and prosperous year.

The past year was certainly fraught with challenges.  It was a year where dialogue and engagement were integral and required more than ever.  From the members dialogues we held during 2020 it was evident that IAP2 members were stepping up and working hard to meet the increased demands and challenges that were presented.

Although this past year required lots of flexibility and ability to meet new and complex challenges there still remained the fact that good engagement done with integrity and based on foundational principles was essential.

As we begin this year  let us seek out the many ways that IAP2 can support us in our practice to be better; to build engagement processes that are based on a strong and ethical foundation.  We need to connect within communities of practice to build our skills and hone our abilities to lead good engagement.

This year’s Board is committed to supporting the BC and Yukon Chapter members through events, training and development. The Board members for 2021 are:

Kari O’Rourke –           Training Coordinator

Michelle Larstone –    Member Services

Monique Beaudry –    Treasurer

Megan Fitzgerald –    Secretary

Kevin Shipalesky –     Director at Large

Karen Estrin –             Director at Large

Nanette van Doorn – Director at Large

I want to thank them for their commitment to IAP2 and to invite all members to consider a role on the Board.  I look forward to this year of  learning together and ensuring a culture of engagement is truly embedded in all aspects of our lives as we navigate this new normal.

Best to you all,

Belinda Boyd

President, IAP2 BC and Yukon Chapter