Message from the President

Public engagement or lack there of has certainly been front and centre in the news lately. Since the election, that is the IAP2 BC November 2016 AGM, there have been some exciting new developments.

We are pleased to welcome a new member to the Executive team Heidi Klein. You can learn more about Heidi in the February Bulletin’s member spotlight. As well we are pleased to have returning members Lisa Moilanen, Drew Ferrari, Sarah McKinney, Daniella Fergusson, Andrea Winkler, Anthea Brown, Trista Hill and myself as President.  At the AGM we announced that this is the last year for myself, Drew and Sarah. The IAP2 BC Operating Policies allow directors to serve 6 years and then they must step down.

In January the Executive met for its annual work planning dinner. We identified several goals for the year ahead.  One of those importantly is to ensure a smooth transition of key roles on the IAP2 BC Executive. I am pleased to report that Lisa Moilanen has stepped into the Vice-President role and she will be mentoring with me over the next year to ensure a smooth transition to the President role in November 2017. Andrea Winkler currently a director at large is mentoring with Sarah McKinney to take over the Treasurer’s role. The Executive position of Secretary will be vacant when Drew Ferrari retires.

The IAP2 BC Executive is very excited to begin the local planning support for the IAP2 National Conference in Victoria in 2018. IAP2 Canada approached Lisa Moilanen (Victoria) and I to Co-Chair the Conference and we have accepted. We will keep you posted on developments.

For 2017 the Executive is committed to offering membership value through two event series: P2 Drinks and the Deep Dive Series.

  • P2 Drinks is an informal networking series offered during the IAP2 Foundations Training in Vancouver. We heard loud and clear through the BC member survey that you want to try out different techniques. So for 2017 all P2 Drinks will include a Try a Technique activity.
    • P2 Drinks is scheduled for March 15 alongside the CTC Training. See promo on website for more details
    • Another P2 Drinks will be schedule at the end of May, beginning of June with the Delaney Training. More details to come
  • Deep Dive on February 16 is focusing on Indigenous Community Planning: Public Participation as a Necessary Ingredient for Healing and Reconciliation. Please see registration details on the website. We also are offering webinar links for members outside the Lower Mainland.
  • Deep Dive on April 27 will focus on Evaluation, with Susanna Haas Lyons watch the website for more information.

We also heard in the BC member survey that you want to be connected to resources, to events so the BC Chapter has been working with IAP2 Canada to create a members only You Tube channel. This will include webinars hosted by IAP2 Canada and the BC Chapters videos of past presentations. In addition we are looking at the best tools to engage our members outside the lower mainland in Deep Dive events. We will be trying different technology throughout the year to see what works.

The Executive has some great ideas for Fall 2017 with more P2 Drinks and Deep Dives in partnership with other organizations in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island. We will keep you posted as details get confirmed.

This is your organization. Engage with colleagues and your executive!

Best regards,

Catherine Rockandel
President, IAP2 BC Chapter

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