IAP2 Certificate Program

11 Mar 2013 to 15 Mar 2013

The Canadian Trainers Collective (CTC) will be in Vancouver to offer the IAP2 Certificate Program from March 11-15, 2013.   
The IAP2 Certificate Program is a three module, five day program intended to provide a broad-based learning experience covering the foundations for meaningful public participation.  The three modules include:
  • Planning for Effective Public Participation (Pre-requisite for the other 2 modules)
  • Effective Communication for Public Participation
  • Techniques for Effective Public Participation
Full details on the courses can be found on the CTC website: www.canadiantrainerscollective.ca
Take advantage of the early bird discounts which offer substantial price savings if you register before February 20.
  • Register for 1 or 2 courses and receive a 5% discount on the course fees
  • Register to take all three modules in one week and receive an additional 10% discount