Facilitating Engagement – IAP2 Foundations Companion Course

19 Jun 2019 to 20 Jun 2019


This two-day workshop on facilitating engagement is offered by Delaney and Associates. Participants who attend the IAP2 Foundations course frequently request additional training to further their public participation skills – notably to facilitate their sophisticated engagement designs.

This workshop is a very interactive, skill-building opportunity that helps P2 practitioners build and strengthen their facilitation skills, in order to ensure effective community and stakeholder engagements.

Click this link to find out more, and to register.

Why is the course important?

Many individuals who are responsible for planning and implementing engagements on behalf of their organizations are asked to facilitate them as well. Facilitation skills, however, are very different from engagement planning and design skills – and they are absolutely critical to the success of engagement initiatives.

What will you learn?

This workshop deals with the challenges of being the decision-maker and facilitator. Topics include:

  • Understanding the conflicting roles of being decision-maker (content expert) and facilitator (process expert)
  • Establishing process authority, in order to get things done
  • Planning for success (setting objectives and developing detailed agendas)
  • Building rapport and creating a positive space for understanding and collaboration
  • Defining, anticipating and managing perceptual risk, conflict, and even outrage
  • Managing the process for collaboration and decision-making
  • Using strategies to deal with difficult situations and high emotions
  • Understanding and using group dynamics as a facilitation tool
  • Supporting deliberation and consensus building
  • Adding to your facilitator’s toolkit several facilitation techniques you can adapt, or improvise, to suit your situation
  • Managing engagement projects (mapping the decision, identifying opportunities and risks, and managing the work)
  • Being a reflective practitioner and developing strategies for continuous growth

What does it cost?

The tuition fee for this course is $800 +GST or HST (depending on the province where the workshop is delivered). All course materials are provided, including a course manual and morning “Coffee with Colleagues”.